Finding new ways through LETI

Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative (LETI)

What is the LETI program? 

The LETI program provides law enforcement officers with an alternative to criminal charges for individuals who are suffering from addiction. The goal of this initiative is to connect individuals suffering from substance use disorder with treatment options.

How can the LETI program help? 

In partnership with District Attorney, Ryan Sayers, and the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, Clearfield County has a Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative policy.  

Law enforcement in Clearfield County will help save lives by supporting people who are willing to seek help for substance use. The Law Enforcement community is the main conduit to divert individuals who are willing to change their patterns and seek help. Law Enforcement will provide a start for individuals on their “Road to Recovery”. 

Clearfield County law enforcement and the CJDAC will partner under PA LETI will: 

  • Open their station doors to those suffering from substance use disorder.
  • Help identify treatment for those who seek it.
  • Assist with ensuring that people have transportation to the facilities.
  • Maintain relationships with local treatment providers to understand availability and collect data to study outcomes.

How to seek help? 

In Clearfield County, individuals can contact a member of law enforcement at any time to ask for a referral to treatment with no threat of arrest or prosecution. This policy also includes the ability for law enforcement to connect individuals  the CJDAC for a treatment referral at their discretion.

If you would like to discuss the LETI program details or would like to make a referral, please contact: 

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