Methods for Prevention

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Has your child encountered barriers to school success? Are you concerned about your child? The Student Assistance program can help.

What is Student Assistance Program or SAP?

A Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a service designed to help school personnel identify issues, including but not limited to, alcohol/drug use, mental health, academic, and behavioral concerns that could pose a barrier to school success. The primary goal of SAP is to help students overcome these barriers in order for them to be successful in school. All school districts in Pennsylvania are required to establish and maintain a SAP team that assists students who are experiencing difficulties in school with making appropriate referrals for these students. Each school building’s SAP Core Team is comprised of a group of professionally trained school staff and a SAP Liaison from the county drug/alcohol and/or mental health agencies. The team meets to review referrals, collect data, and assist students and families with appropriate referrals to community and school programs. Written parent permission is required for the SAP process to proceed. SAP is a voluntary program and all information is kept strictly confidential. SAP has been in existence in Pennsylvania since 1985 and has helped millions of students achieve school success.

How does my child become involved in SAP?

Anyone who is concerned about a child can refer that child to their school’s SAP team including teachers, school personnel, parents, friends, family members, community members, or even a student self-referral. If your child is referred to the SAP team, someone from the SAP team will be contacting you to discuss your student and to obtain your written permission to proceed with the process. Without your written permission, the process will not continue. If you would like to learn more about SAP or want to refer your child, contact the school counselor’s office at your student’s school to access this program. If you have general questions about the SAP process or program, please contact the SAP Liaison at CJDAC at 814-371-9002.

Student Assistance Program Training

Clearfield-Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission employs a Pennsylvania Approved SAP Training Provider. The Commission’s SAP lead trainer is available to coordinate an on-site SAP training for your school district or county. In addition, the Commission sponsors a local SAP training every school year so that new SAP team members can be trained to sit on their district’s respective teams. For more information about SAP training, please contact CJDAC’s SAP Trainer at 814-371-9002.

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